Dreame Vacuum Cleaner

Strong Performance and Powered by Key Technology

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Dreame Robot Vacuum

A Smart Robot and a Truly Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

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Dreame V11 Dreametime

Vacuum Cleaner V11 Dreame Time

A new era for vacuum cleaner, making 125,000rpm affordable for all.

Brand New Dreame F9 Robot Vacuum

Real-time Coordinate Calibration, Stable Operation

Excellent 5 Star Review

  • Excellent piece of stick

    It is amazing how much dust this little stick can pick up. Came with multiple heads and a wall mounting unit. Sleek design and powerful suction. Great after sale customer service as well. I once dropped it and the lid came off. The customer service team sent in instructions right after I contacted them. Easy to clean filter etc. Beats a Dyson any day. Great value for the price.

  • Lightweight and great suction power.

    We use Xiaomi Dreame V9 stick cordless vacuum for both laminated hard floor and carpet floor. It has great suction power and works very well on both floors. It is light and easy to use.

  • My first Cordless.....im in love!

    Everything was well organized and wrapped in foam gives an excitement of learning how each things work.

    After the looks is our first test;
    on the beds then sofa using the
    mini- motorized nozzle.

    1. I cannot believe my bed contain that much dust and lint.
    2. no burning or motor smell.
    3. the 3 power mode selector, I mostly use 2 then Max to quickly finalize it.
    4. the feeling was close to buying a new car, planning to use it on our cars soon.
    5. install the charging bay...it simply makes life easier and a beauty to look at.
    6. Best buy! with 5 cleaning attachments, 3 motorized nozzle and 2 brush nozzle.