Dreame introduces Dreame F9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner In Australia

Dreame introduces Dreame F9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner In Australia

Featuring new smart mapping technology, more powerful suction and longer lasting battery!’

Dreame Technology, a smart household appliance company under the Xiaomi Ecological Chain, has announced Dreame F9, a smart robot vacuum cleaner with state-of-the-art Pioneer 2.0 navigation system, an ultra-slim design whilst maintaining powerful and extensive performance. The Dreame F9 is connected seamlessly with the Mi Home app, available on both Apple iOS and Google Android platform.

Ultra-slim design, Greater Reach

The dimension of Dreame F9 is 350 x 350 x 80mm. Dreame Technology states that the slimmer design enhances the accessibility of the Dreame F9; allowing it to many close-fitting spaces such as underneath beds and other household furniture. This is achieved through the use of dual gyro sensors with time-of-flight sensors instead of the more commonly seen laser distance sensors (“LDS”) in robot vacuum. The dual gyro sensors measure the F9’s rotational distance and movements from its original location, allowing it to determine its current position relative to the charging station, while the time-of-flight sensor uses light to detect distance to objects and surrounding environment. In addition, the Dreame F9 is also equipped with 12 infrared sensors including 8 to detect obstacles and 4 to avoid sudden drops.

The improved mapping technology, Pioneer 2.0 Optical Visual Navigation, a form of virtual simultaneous localisation and mapping (“VSLAM”) algorithms which utilises the fore mentioned sensors to scan up to 30,000 data points per second to rapidly capture complex spatial information about its environment, thus creating a visual map and displaying it in the Mi Home App. The Pioneer 2.0 enables the following features for Dreame F9 including map memory, upgraded learning and exploration, automatic room recognition and virtual boundaries. 

Smarter and powerful performance for longer

The Dreame F9 is powered by Japanese NIDEC brushless motor and a 5,200mAh battery, offering 4 levels of suction mode up to 2,500PA (“Pascal”) of suction power; and an incredible operation time of up to 150 minutes. Together with Pioneer 2.0, the F9 is able to utilise smarter power management functionalities called Smart Top-up, where the computational power of F9 is able to determine battery power to top-up for the remainder of its current job and return to charging base to charge accordingly.

The cleaning mechanisms of the Dreame F9 includes a 0.1mm flexible microfiber roller brush; a 190rpm high-speed side brush; two-layer dustbin and filtration system that filters particles down to 0.3 microns allowing for cleaner air circulation; a larger dustbin of 600ml; a 200ml smart electric water tank with active water control for more precise mopping; and super dense microfiber flexible mop to remove stubborn stains off your floor.

Mi Home App - unlocking its full potential

Dreame Technology states that the Dreame F9 is fully integrated with the Mi Home App which is available on both Apple iOS and Google Android.

The Mi Home App is essentially the command centre of the Dreame F9 to:

  • Access basic information such as positioning, cleaning time scheduling, battery status, cleaned surface area measurement and current cleaning time.
  • Adjust 4 levels of suction power and 3 levels of smart water control; from light (dries fast for humid days), to medium (basic daily cleaning) and heavy (dirty surfaces).
  • Advance Mapping Functions.

The advance mapping functions of F9 is unlocked once a house is properly mapped. The advance features are as follows:

  1. Map Memory and Area Division - allowing customise cleaning.
  2. Cleaning of selected areas – Customise cleaning tasks within a user-defined area
  3. Virtual barriers settings - set virtual walls and no-go zones to specify restricted areas
  4. Cleaning of different areas – Clean room by room, with no repetition and omission
  5. Rename rooms – customised cleaning tasks can be performed for different rooms.

The Dreame F9 is a must have smart device in every household to take care of tedious cleaning chores, so our customers can enjoy the fullness of the other and more important aspect of modern-day life. A clean home is just a few press away.

The Dreame F9 is available from 3/08/2020 with recommended retail price of AU$599 at Dreametech official , eBay, Amazon, Kogan, Gearbite.